Reflexology & Hollistic Therapy

Refelexology is a therapy that works mainly on the feet, but occasionally on the hands. By working on reflex points on the feet, it can have a physiological affect on the body part that corresponds with it. Techniques are gentle, using the fingers and thumbs to make small movements and pressure points over the reflex points.

Reflexology is safe for most people, but if you are unsure please do get in contact to discuss any concerns you may have. The first session will include case history taking, and if all is found to be safe, a treatment will follow. Patients will be asked to remove their socks and shoes.

Holistic Therapy

Aquarius holistics offers a wide variety of Holistic therapies at Southdown’s Clinic. Whether you need Remedial Massage for an injury or post-operative care, a relaxing Aromatherapy or Indian head massage or a reflexology treatment, we cater for all ages, appointment times are available for 30 minutes or 60 minutes

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