Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanics looks at the way the body moves, the measurement of those movements or tasks, and then establishes the most efficient way to maximise those movements and ultimately improve performance; it is an important science that is relevant to any sport, fitness or work-related physical conditioning.

The musculoskeletal or Biomechanical podiatrist is concerned with the preservation, restoration and development of foot function and associated structures. The term Musculoskeletal denotes the relationship of the muscles and skeleton, and a specialist will look how this relationship could be resulting injury and pain

At Southdowns clinic, Glen Foley our Podiatry biomechanics specialist will use principles of biomechanics to assess how a patient moves and determine how this fits in to their injury, or patterns of pain.

There is no such thing as normal in biomechanics as we are all a variation on a theme. It is therefore the job of a biomechanist to determine what your individual normal is, and identify possible mechanisms of injury.

Often, a biomechanical assessment is the first step in developing a treatment program that is very effective in relieving pain, aiding recovery and preventing re-injury.

The assessment will include a full evaluation of muscle strength, joint mobility and health, neurological status (How the Nerves are working) and may include videoing of walking and/or running.

Treatments include, mobilisation, strength and conditioning exercises along with  balance and proprioception. Insoles, both bespoke and off the shelf can be prescribed if they are considered to be of benefit. Glen Foley also offers the Ritchie foot and ankle brace for severe ankle Arthritis and foot drop both neurological and as a result of tendon dysfunction.  

Please note a £50 deposit will be required on booking appointment. Non refundable, except in extenuating circumstances.
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