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What is a Gait Analysis?

The term ‘gait’ refers to the way in which you move. A gait analysis is an in depth look at the way in which your body moves by evaluating how you walk and or run.  Each of us develop a pattern of movement and by analysing the way in which you move we can detect and diagnose any movement or balance problems that may be causing you pain or making you more prone to injuries and long-term damage.

Gait Analysis will form part of a biomechanical assessment with our specialist biomechanics Glen Foley.

Glen Foley uses an advanced gait analysis system ‘OPTOGAIT’. This system allows him to digitally record and video every step and stride on a treadmill to precisely analyse movement and provide a real-time functional assessment of gait mechanics and patterns in individuals.

Benefits of a Gait analysis
  • Identify inefficiencies, asymmetries, deficiencies, and other issues, such as postural problems.
  • Develop personalised rehabilitation approaches, orthopaedic solutions, educational recommendations or other treatment options.
  • Prevent relapses or re-injury and determine the effectiveness of treatment and solutions or to assess causes of setbacks.
  • Verify the efficacy of insoles, arch supports or functional tape.
  • Assess how various shoes or adaptations influence the gait.
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