All our podiatrists are HCPC registered
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Full payment for all New Patient appointments and for Full Biomechanic Assessments is taken at the time of booking. You will be contacted to make a telephone payment if you have booked online.

New Patient Podiatry Appointment - Cost £56

Any patient new to the clinic or if they have not been seen for two years or more will need to undergo a new patient appointment. The clinician will need to know your up to date medical history and any medication prescribed in order that best treatment options are discussed and offered. The appointment includes a foot health check in order to check the sensation and circulation of the feet. Treatment options will be discussed. The appointment includes routine treatment of nail cutting, corn and callus removal if required.

Routine Podiatry Appointment (After Initial Consultation) - Cost £46

A routine podiatry appointment usually includes a review of foot concerns, toenail cutting, corn and callus removal followed by application of foot emollient or heel balm.

Verrucae (After Initial Consultation) – Cost £46*

All Verrucae are caused by the papilloma virus. If the skin is exposed to excessive moisture or dryness which can allow small cracks to appear in the skin this can allow the virus to enter.

Verrucae are commonly spread in communal areas like changing rooms and swimming pools.

Verrucae often heal on their own, with long standing verrucae hard skin can form over them making it more difficult for over the counter treatments to penetrate the verrucae.

Some verrucae are persistent and do not resolve even after treatment.

Swift Microwave Therapy for Verrucae (After Initial Consultation) – Cost £120*

We now offer Swift microwave treatment which has 80% success rate, treatment eligibility will be discussed during assessment. 3 initial treatments on average 4 weeks apart are required.

Biomechanics Assessment - Adult Cost £150 Child (16 and under) Cost £90

A Podiatry biomechanics specialist will use principles of biomechanics to assess how a patient moves and determine how this fits in to their injury, or patterns of pain.

The assessment will include a full evaluation of muscle strength, joint mobility and health, neurological status (How the nerves are working) and may include using the optigait infra-red gait analysis and gyko postural analysis with videoing of walking and/or running.

Follow up Biomechanics appointment - Cost £54

For review of ongoing treatment, orthotics prescribed, and advice with any exercises prescribed

Nail Surgery - Cost from £410 (1 Toe) £450 (2 Toe's)

Nail surgery is an option to remove the side of a nail or the whole nail if appropriate after initial new patient assessment

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